De Faifo

L3 / Cafe & Restaurant
Opening hours

09:30 - 21:30 Mon - Sun



"You haven't been to De Faifo until you've tried our shredded chicken rice" - this dish is the signature of De Faifo. The fragrant and tender chicken meat, rich and fatty, along with the soft and golden rice grains, paired with pickled radish and purple onion from Ly Son Island, will make diners remember it forever. In addition to chicken rice, De Faifo also serves a variety of other pure Hoi An dishes such as spicy hot pot chicken, and multi-flavored grilled chicken feet with a hot, creamy egg sauce.


More than just an excellent culinary experience, De Faifo also brings a genuine feeling of being lost in a miniature version of Hoi An with its dominant yellow color, creating a unique and distinct Hoi An impression, or the colorful lanterns that light up the atmosphere. All of these elements make De Faifo truly peaceful, with an authentic Hoi An essence that cannot be found elsewhere.